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MA Application Steps

LTC Eligibility Factors

  • People requesting MA-LTC must meet all of the following eligibility factors to be eligible: 

  • Must be eligible for MA 

  • Requires a nursing facility level-of-care as determined through a Long-Term Care Consultation (LTCC) 

  • Must have home equity at or below the home equity limit 

  • Must not be subject to a period of ineligibility under the uncompensated transfer rules 

  • Must name the state the remainder beneficiary of certain annuities 

Waiver Types

  • CADI waiver 

  • BI waiver 

  • DD waiver 

  • CAC waiver 

  • AC-EW waiver 

Waiver Assessment Contact

Here is a link for waver assessment request contacts for all MN counties.

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