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Program Eligibility 

A person is eligible to receive 24-hour emergency assistance if he/she meets one of the following sets of criteria:

1. The person:

  • Lives in his/her own home

  • Does not receive 24-hour supervision

  • Would otherwise require extensive, routine supervision

2. The person lives with a primary caregiver who would otherwise require extensive support in the absence of this service to secure help in the event of an emergency

Covered Services

  • Immediate response for assistance at a person’s home

  • On-call counseling and problem solving

  • Individual crisis plan created by you and your team at intake

  • Updates to individual crisis plan as your need changes

  • Weekly check in

  • Resources to connect you to mental health or suicide crisis hotlines

24 hours emergency staff are not mental health professionals, but they can connect you to appropriate mental health resources you might need. Staff are not allowed to transport clients. 24 hours emergency assistance staff are not permitted to access the client’s belongings, money, or account information. Thus, staff cannot run errands or shop for you.

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