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Individualized Home Supports with training - also known as ILS

Individualized Home Supports with training practitioners help individuals increase their independence, meet community inclusion goals that are important to and important for the individual based on their assessed need and achieve their full potential. Individuals get training and supervision with communication skills, interpersonal skills, reduction/elimination of maladaptive behavior (as tolerated and directed by the individual) and self-care etc. Individuals also receive assistance and guidance with community mobility, community participation, health, safety, and wellness as well as adaptive skills. The goal of Individualized Home Supports with training services is to provide well-rounded supports for the individuals served so they become active members of their community and achieve greater independence in employment, housing, and community integration. Individualized Home Supports with training practitioners help clients organize their lives so they can live a fulfilling life. Following


Other 245D Services:

  • Individualized Home Supports with family training

  • Individualized Home Supports without training

  • Respite-in home

  • Individual Community Living Support, ICLS

  • Night Supervision

  • 24 Hours emergency assistance-daily

  • Home making-Choice


We understand that healthcare is vital to individuals’ wellbeing; therefore, individuals must always maintain active health insurance. We have wealth of experience in helping individuals develop and implement effective plans to ensure that their health insurance is renewed on time and always remains active.

For detailed information about these services, please visit the Department of Human Services website. Alternatively, your can reach out to your case manager, care coordinator or social worker. 

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