Employment supports are services that help individuals explore and gain competitive employment in the community, become self-employed or start a business.  Individuals get training, guidance and supervision through employment exploration, employment development and receive mentorship and support when employed. 


Employment exploration services: Services that help a person gain a better understanding of competitive, integrated employment opportunities in his/her community. Exploration activities and experiences strengthen a person’s knowledge, interests and preferences so he/she can make informed decisions about competitive employment. Employment exploration includes: 

  • Individualized educational activities 

  •  Learning opportunities 

  •  Work experiences 

Employment Development: services that help individuals prepare for, search and find competitive employment in the community.  

  • Individualized, strengths-based assessments and employment opportunity discovery strategies  

  •  Support during new employee orientation for up to 30 days after a person starts a new job position 

  • Skills training to find and keep a job (e.g., interviewing, using community resources, resume writing, etc.) 

  • Progress review and reporting meetings. 

Employment support services: Individualized services and supports that help people maintain paid employment in community businesses/settings. Employment support services occur in 

 integrated community settings. 

  • Job analysis 

  • Job re-design 

  • Coaching and supporting acceptable workplace self-care, proper dress, personal hygiene and grooming 

  • Job training and coaching to strengthen and maintain necessary work skills, behaviors and coworker relationships 

  •  Job-related counseling and support, including help understanding earned wages and impact on benefits 

  • Training and coaching the person on job-related transportation 

  • Progress review and reporting meetings 

  • In-service transportation. 

Training, coaching and support services for helping with effective day-to-day operations of all aspects of the business (i.e., marketing, sales, production, order fulfillment, customer service, business technology, bookkeeping, file record maintenance, purchasing, inventory control, financial management, accounting, timely tax reporting and legal compliance) 

  •  Help with identifying other needed external business resources and services to assist with the continued development and support of the business enterprise 

  •  Ongoing analysis and consultation to identify needed supports 

  • Design and implementation of set schedules for ongoing, follow-up support 

  • Business-related counseling and support, including help understanding earned wages and impact on benefits. 

Competitive, integrated employment: Employment that pays a minimum wage or an industry standard, customary or prevailing wage with comparable benefits (e.g., health insurance, leave time, etc.).  

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